I enjoy speaking at places. Here's some of the work I've done.

JS Performance: State of the Art

ForwardJS Ottawa (April 2019)

In this talk, I go over the basics of JS from the perspective of performance such as minification & compile-time macros. We'll have the look at the impact of heavy abstractions in JS & how to overcome them.

Building More Resilient Applications

OttawaJS (July 2018)

"Sorry, try again later." We're all used to adding this bit to our applications. But our users deserve better. What if we chose to embrace failure instead of avoiding it? In this talk, we go over eventual consistency & its importance to JS applications.

Break More Things (Workshop)

cuHacking (March 2018)

A workshop about resiliency patterns & failure injection in Node.js.

Mad Science with Twilio

University of Ottawa / Lightning Talks (February 2017)

Twilio, an up-and-coming company that provides VoIP as a Service, is used typically to build chat bots and for notification automation. But don't you wish you could do more.. like listen to music in real-time without the internet?

When you learn to code

Osh, Tajikistan (November 2016)

Tidbits on my journey of learning to code. Presented for the students of an after-school Computer Science club in Osh.